Wednesday, February 15, 2012

feb photo a day challenge

Well here we are - half way through February!
Here is my effort for the February photo a day challenge so far.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

january photo a day challenge - days 30 & 31

Day 31 | 7.02pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | You - again.

Day 30 | 8.46pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Nature. You've got to love a pot-plant.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

photo a day challenge for january - days 26 - 29

Day 29 | 1.16pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Inside your fridge. The top shelf: chocolate, coffee & cheese. It's a fine life.

Day 28 | 12.32pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Light.

The above still for 'light' was taken from this trippy filmclip.

Day 27 | 8.25pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Lunch was over when I came to my challenge photo so this is our easy Friday night dinner instead.

Day 26 | 5.01pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Colour: My T-shirt.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

photo a day challenge for january - another week gone

Okay so it is time to update the blog with the photos from the challenge. I am so addicted to instagram now. I can't believe how busy some people are. When I say busy, I think I mean productive. My life seems to be pretty hectic but I don't feel I achieve enough. While I am not going to put pressure on myself in a specific way, I am going to try and have a productive year. The January photo challenge has been an awesome and achievable challenge for me. One month is realistic and has gone by so fast. Fat Mum Slim, who created the challenge, has made a list for February. I am tossing up whether to participate in February's challenge but think I probably will. It is a short month after all. Anyway, here are my pictures from the last week.

Day 25 | 8pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Something I made: Prawn Tikka Masala.

Day 24 | 12.30pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Guilty pleasure: Watching the Circle (morning telly).

Day 23 | 8.26pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Something old: My Dad bought this old iron from an antique shop and we have ended up with it...

Day 22 | 5.13pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Your shoes: my docs from 'back in the day'.

Day 21 | 7.59pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Reflection.

Day 20 | 7.55am | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Someone you love.

Day 19 | 7.28pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Sweet: My 2012 diary from Oxfam.

Day 18 | 6.20pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Something you bought.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am revisiting Beck's album The Information today. I recommend a listen if you like a bit of slap bass and lo-fi action. It's probably not that lo-fi, I just like the term...

Anyway, a good album to have on in the background. You can bop along to while you blog or cook or craft or whatever it is you spend your time doing...

I sourced this image from

Does Beck ever age? He still looks about twelve.


So where is this blogging thing taking me?

I recently enjoyed reading Donna Moritz's article '5 Benefits From Blogging Regularly (or 14 Days to Blogging Challenge Enlightenment)' over at So much so that I commented on the article. Donna was kind enough to reply to my comment and she even followed the link to my blog and had a look. In her reply, Donna referred to my blog as a 'lifestyle blog'. I don't know why but this made me cringe. Donna was simply stating a fact so I don't have an issue with Donna or her comment. My blog is about my life and is thus a lifestyle blog. It just made me think about why I am bothering to put my toe in this fairly deep already pool of water.

There are already so many awesome bloggers out there that seem to have it all down pat. It has me wondering what I can bring to the table that anyone would be interested in. I am not promoting this blog to family members, apart from hubby, as I want to be able to cut loose so to speak. I have to ask the question then, am I enjoying this experience? I think so...

photo a day challenge for january - day 17

Day 17 | 8.53am | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Water.