Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recent Reading

Reading and traveling go hand in hand. We have been lucky enough to have a bit of time to spend relaxing and kicking back with a book. Here are is a selection of titles I have recently read.

Tell Me Something by Adele Parks
This was a very vacuous read. For some reason I feel the need to try and like some 'chick lit'. I would say that this definitely fits into that genre although I didn't really like it much. I found the main character very annoying. She is a thirty something who mentally seems late teens, early 20's at best. I read the whole thing - not really much effort required there but wouldn't really recommend it unless you didn't have anything else to read. The best bit about the book is some of the scenes in Italy where reading about the atmosphere of the streets and cafes makes you want an espresso.

Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope
Another one in the 'chick lit' genre. I have to say I found this much more enjoyable. Certainly nothing ground breaking but Joanna Trollope captures her characters in a realistic way that does keep you interested. It is a tale of an unlikely group of friends who get together on Friday nights to catch up, chat and offer each other support. It presents a bit of scandal and mischief but all in all is a tale about people, life and the way that things always, inevitably change, no matter how much you may think they never will.

Now this is a book with a bit more substance. A very addictive crime thriller. Quite a complex story for me as there are many characters, which I some times struggle with. It is well written though so I didn't have a problem keeping up. They drink a hell of a lot of coffee in this book and it certainly does buzz along. The novel has been translated from Swedish and there are a couple of occasions where the translations may not have been perfect but this would be my only criticism. Definitely a good holiday read.

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