Wednesday, January 11, 2012

lucky mummy

The weekend usually involves a long list of jobs. We attempt to get things done but the list seems to be ever growing. One of the recent jobs on the list, which we managed to cross off, was for hubby to put new stakes in the garden for the tomato plants. It is our first attempt to grow some veggies other than herbs. I haven't really done much in this effort apart from go and purchase the seedlings and seeds to plant. Hubby has donned the green thumb and run with it. We are both really enjoying watching the plants grow and it is great for Elliott, our two year old, to see where food comes from. We have three types of tomatoes, some leeks, some zucchini and some spinach. Very exciting! This is the result of hubby's hard work.

After the boys had spent some time in the garden Elliott decided that he would bring me in a flower. Aren't I a lucky mummy.

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