Wednesday, January 25, 2012

photo a day challenge for january - another week gone

Okay so it is time to update the blog with the photos from the challenge. I am so addicted to instagram now. I can't believe how busy some people are. When I say busy, I think I mean productive. My life seems to be pretty hectic but I don't feel I achieve enough. While I am not going to put pressure on myself in a specific way, I am going to try and have a productive year. The January photo challenge has been an awesome and achievable challenge for me. One month is realistic and has gone by so fast. Fat Mum Slim, who created the challenge, has made a list for February. I am tossing up whether to participate in February's challenge but think I probably will. It is a short month after all. Anyway, here are my pictures from the last week.

Day 25 | 8pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Something I made: Prawn Tikka Masala.

Day 24 | 12.30pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Guilty pleasure: Watching the Circle (morning telly).

Day 23 | 8.26pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Something old: My Dad bought this old iron from an antique shop and we have ended up with it...

Day 22 | 5.13pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Your shoes: my docs from 'back in the day'.

Day 21 | 7.59pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Reflection.

Day 20 | 7.55am | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Someone you love.

Day 19 | 7.28pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Sweet: My 2012 diary from Oxfam.

Day 18 | 6.20pm | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Something you bought.


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