Friday, January 6, 2012

photo a day challenge for january - day six

Day 6 | 10.15am | Adelaide | #janphotoaday | Makes me smile: Cooking muffins with Elliott. I just love his morning bed hair too.

These fresh strawberry muffins were the result of our cooking adventure this morning. Elliott is actually really good when we are making muffins. He likes having a job to do and I explain the steps as we go. He tips the ingredients into the bowl after I have measured them out. He also lines the muffin tray with the muffin cases (patty pans). It is such an easy recipe that we get through it quite quickly with minimum fuss. For these strawberry muffins I adapted a banana muffin recipe we have made a few times. Instead of a cup of mashed banana, I used about two cups of very ripe strawberries. All the members of the household, apart from Howard the cat, think that they are a winner.

If you are interested in the original recipe I found it on the Kidspot website and have linked to it here. Seriously, it is so easy and they taste great.

What's this all about? Check out this link for more info.

Cheers, Kirsten.

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