Tuesday, January 3, 2012

time to say goodbye...

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Who would have guessed hey? I actually thought Katy Perry and Russell Brand might defy the odds and be one of those couples that actually lasted. There are not many in show-biz that are able to achieve a lasting marriage. Meshel Laurie sums it up well when she says, 'I feel sorry for people too beautiful to share their ugly' in her article Nobody said it was going to be easy on mamamia.com.au. I think she is right. You have to take the good with the not so good. The little things can usually be worked out with compromise if you actually take the time to talk about them.

One of the major things in good relationships is communication. It sounds so boring but it works. Partners aren't mind readers. How are they going to know that they are peeing you off by not putting the chilli sauce on the shelf you think it should go on. The problem being it doesn't properly fit on the usual condiment shelf. Actually this doesn't pee me off but it was the most recent conflict I could think of. It is that bad at our house! That is not to say there hasn't been bigger issues but holding onto them and not moving on is just too tiring. 

Money must come into it somewhere. For most people weddings come at a considerable cost. Budgets are adhered to whether you are self funded or lucky enough to have your family contribute to the extravaganza. When there is no shortage of dosh perhaps the decision to jump on board the marriage wedding train is just too easy. Many stars love a good party, especially one where they are the main attraction. The big question is does that matter? If they want to be self indulgent and have an over the top soiree in their name perhaps we should just let them. Many of us can't help but check out the wedding pics that get sold to the magazines. I'm guilty of standing at the servo and sitting in waiting rooms eagerly spying on the wedding of the month. When I write that I'm not sure I actually want to admit it but hey, we will treat this like a confession.

All it comes down to is that marriage means different things to different people. Marriage is after-all just a piece of paper - as is a divorce. What really counts is the relationship. Where the relationship is good so is the marriage.

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